The BD format gives peace of mind for future support.

Recorded data can be retrieved with any consumer BD drives. The media does not use a special format.

Model Archive model BD-R DL Archive model BD-R TL
Capacity 50GB 100GB
Media type Write-once
Recording layer Metal Ablative Layer (MABL)
Wavelength 405 nm
NA 0.85
Track pitch 0.32 microns
Data transfer rate 36Mbps (1x) to 144Mbps (4x)
Label Non-printable label and ink-jet printable label
Packaging A pair of 25p cakeboxes in a carton (50pcs/carton)
1. General notes regarding the handling of BD Discs
1) When holding a disc, please ensure that you do not leave fingerprints on the surface.
2) Please ensure that the disc's surface does not get scratched or dirty.
3) Please keep discs free of condensation.
4) Please do not bend or drop discs.
5) Please do not leave a disc inside a device for a long period of time.
6) When writing titles and other information on a disc's label side, please use a felt pen or other soft tipped pen.
7) Please do not stick protective films or labels onto discs.
8) Please store discs inside their cases.
9) Please store discs away from dust and direct sunlight. Storage conditions of 10 - 25°Celsius, 40 - 60% humidity are appropriate.
2. Defects caused during manufacturing
In the unlikely event that recorded data is lost due to a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer shall not be held responsible for such loss of data.
3. Use with drives other than Pioneer professional BD drive, BDR-PR1/BDR-PR1M
The recording characteristics of our professional archive discs are optimized for Pioneer's professional BD drive, BDR-PR1/BDR-PR1M. Accordingly, no guarantee of recording quality or correct operation can be given when using drives other than BDR-PR1/BDR-PR1M.