Regarding Optical Discs

Optical discs are designed for long-term storage

Optical discs are backed by over 20 years of technological advance and successful use since the advent of MO and CD-R, and have the following characteristics as long term storage media.
1) Moving parts and specialized circuitry are not required while data is stored.
2) Usage costs are low (low power usage, long migration period), and the cost to the environment is small.
3) Media are truly write-once, and falsification of data is theoretically impossible.

Optical discs are resilient to environmental extremes

Thanks to the durability provided by optical discs, the data stored on Mitsubishi Kagaku Media's Enterprise Grade BD-R for Archive will not be destroyed even in the event that the disc is exposed temporarily to extreme conditions (immersion in fresh water or 5% salt water, high temperature or humidity, low temperature, corrosive environmental gases, etc.)*5.

*5. Storage in such environments is not recommended. Playback is performed after wiping away dirt that adhered to the surface of the disc during testing. It is recommended that data that can be played back after recovery processing be immediately backed up.

Mitsubishi Chemical Media's Optical Discs

Mitsubishi Chemical Media has manufactured and supplied optical discs for professional use (MO, UDO) for over 20 years at its own factory. We perform comprehensive manufacturing and quality management, creating everything from stampers (for optical disc mastering) to the discs themselves entirely within the company.

In 2004, Mitsubishi Chemical Media began manufacture and sales of the world's first multiple layer recordable disc (DVD+R DL). Mitsubishi Kagaku Media is the world's No.1 vender of branded consumer optical disc (CD-R, DVD R) brand *5.

*5. Based on total sales of recordable CD/DVD/BD between 2005 and 2012. According to data from Japan Recording Media Industries Association and Santa Clara Consulting Group.